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System Requirements

§  Openings Studio

Java Runtime

          §  Installing Java - Go to http://java.com and select Free Java Download.

o   Re-installing/Uninstalling Java - If for any reason Java is not working correctly, uninstall and then reinstall Java.

                              Select here for Windows XP           Select here for Windows 7

           §  How do I update Java and the Revit Plugin?

           §  How do I open the Java console?

           §  Clearing the Java Application Cache -

o   How do I start Openings Studio after an Error Performing Crash Recovery?

o   Why do I get a Java Error when I select the Desktop Icon?

o   My Openings Studio Desktop Icon is missing - How can I replace it?

o   My Openings Studio Desktop Icon stopped working after a Java update?

Connection Issues

§  Why can't I connect to Openings Studio?

Microsoft Windows

§  How can I get a Screen Capture?

§  Why do I get an error Creating DX9 Device or Unable to initialize the DirectX Device?

§  How do I delete my Graphics folder?

Openings Designer

      §  What are Families and Parameters?

      §  How do I Modify the Door Schedule in Openings Studio?

§  How do I Analyze my Revit Project?

o How do I use View Selection when I Analyze a Revit Project?

§  How do I Detach a Revit Project from Central?

§  How do I Export/Import a Project?

§  Why do I get an Error - 'The References of the highlighted Dimension are no longer parallel' when I export to Revit?

§  Why do I have duplicate parameters in Identity Data and Other?

§  How do I create a Door Schedule in Revit?

§  How do I create a Project Library?

§  How do I create a Door Legend?

§  How do I apply an AAOS Door Schedule Template to my Revit project?

§  How do I create a Project Comparison Report?